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Games are neat, and I have things to say about them.

I’m not a reviewer, I don’t care about building relationships with game companies, I just want to express my opinions freely and honestly. Sometimes that may end up coming out as senseless rambling, but so be it. Secretly this is an excuse for me to both work through my game backlog and practice writing at the same time, don’t tell nobody.

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Grab Bag 3

  • Games
(Time to read: 6 minutes) It is time once again to look at a set of games – four of them this time! – that I done did play since the last time I played some games, aside from the other games that I played that aren’t these games. I played all of these throughout… Read More »Grab Bag 3

Forza is dead to me

  • Games
(Time to read: 52 minutes) Introduction I like racing games. The very first game I ever played was a racing game, and that is in fact one of my earliest memories in general, all the way back when I was only three years old, playing Need for Speed III on my aunt’s computer. That experience… Read More »Forza is dead to me

Grab Bag 2

  • Games
(Time to read: 4 minutes) Next up on the grab bag are some games. That I played. At least once, somewhat recently I guess. I don’t know what else to say, what do you want from me? Read the post, there’s some words in it.

Revengeance is Good

  • Games
(Time to read: 5 minutes) I am a huge fan of Platinum Games. This is the game that introduced me to them, and I believe it’s still one of their very best. We all know this game for its memes. After all, they are the greater power that controls us all, the DNA of the… Read More »Revengeance is Good

Wasted Potential 2077

  • Games
(Time to read: 20 minutes) Man oh man, this sure is a videogame, isn’t it? We all know the story by now. Cyberpunk 2077 became one of, if not the most overhyped of all game releases in history, and The Gamers™ were obviously angry when they didn’t receive the second coming of Christ they expected… Read More »Wasted Potential 2077

I Like Jet Lancer

  • Games
(Time to read: 9 minutes) Remember when I said I wouldn’t expect something like in depth progression and storytelling in a game like Luftrausers? Yeah, about that… Jet Lancer is an absolutely phenomenal game and I can’t believe I didn’t know about it sooner. No game has captivated me quite like this has. Since I… Read More »I Like Jet Lancer

The Game Grab Bag

  • Games
(Time to read: 4 minutes) Part of the reason I started writing stuff about games at all was to work towards the ultimate goal of playing every game I own at least once, and saying something about them wherever it made sense. I’m not going to write a post about something like Garry’s Mod for… Read More »The Game Grab Bag