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All the one-shot stories.

Some may be short, others may be long, but they’re all self-contained… except when they’re not.

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How’s Business

(Time to read: < 1 minute) It’s not every day your old friend comes to visit. Even though it’s a business matter, it’s nice to catch up.

Where The Heart Is

(Time to read: 4 minutes) When opportunity comes knocking, put your trust in it and you may be rewarded not with riches, but with something truly meaningful.

The Hand That Feeds

(Time to read: 4 minutes) When you have authority over a killer, it would be in your best interest to remain confident and unafraid.

Empty Pages

(Time to read: 4 minutes) Sometimes, the best stories are left unfinished. It takes an inquisitive, open mind to fill in the blanks, and it can be so rewarding.

Campfire Stories

(Time to read: 4 minutes) Sometimes, the scary stories you hear around the campfire have a little more truth to them than you might expect…


(Time to read: 4 minutes) The eyes are very powerful tools of expression. They can reach the hearts of even the most callous.