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Crowtel Renovations is charming

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Crowtel Renovations is a charming little game. I have to be honest here, there were a lot of parts that left me feeling super frustrated, and there are a lot of flaws ever present throughout the game… but I was still smiling all the way.

I have a similar problem writing anything about this game as I did with Pikuniku, because it’s just a small, cute little game that I had fun playing. I really like the music too. The biggest problems I had with Crowtel were a lack of telegraphing in boss fights, a lack of warning and information outside of them, and the difficulty being a bit high in relation to the responsiveness of the controls. But like I already said, I was smiling all the way through, so none of that bothered me much in Crowtel. There’s another game in here called Croaktel though, and I uh… I really didn’t enjoy that, since it kind of amped up the difficulty way past my comfort zone. Feels weird to say that, but it felt weird to play too.

I’m not writing this in the interest of criticism though so instead of going into any further detail than that, let me just say that I think you should pick up the game on and play it for yourself, because like I’ve said more than once already, it’s full of charm despite its flaws. There’s even a developer commentary mode, which is cute. It’s less than an hour to beat, I loved it, and I think the creator deserves the support. Hey, maybe you’ll even like Croaktel more than I did. I’m bad at games, you could probably do better.

Play the video game. While you’re at it, read their comic too. Or don’t, I’m not the boss of you.

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