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Pikuniku is nice

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Pikuniku is a nice game. That’s basically all I have to say about it… it’s nice. I like it, it was a fun time to play through. Would recommend. It’s hard to write about a game like this because while I think it’s good, I also don’t know what to talk about. It’s just… fun and good. It made me chuckle more than once and left me smiling for the most part. What even IS this game? Adventure puzzle platformer I guess, but… none of that really describes this game. It’s just nice.

I actually played this game hot off the heels of my very disappointed post about Indivisible, on the recommendation of my friend Nikodile. In response to my bad time with Indivisible, he sent me three of his top favorite indie games, Pikuniku among them. Big thanks for that, and I’ll be playing the other two at some point as well.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Pikuniku is that I can only think of two complaints for the entire game. First is that I got stuck for a while feeling lost and not knowing what to do because I never would have thought to kick a spider. That’s absolutely just a me problem and I can’t even hold it against the game, because in retrospect it should have been obvious. The other complaint is that the checkpoints are strangely unforgiving during boss fights considering the rest of the game. It makes things start feeling tedious as you restart the whole sequence every time you make one mistake, which is especially annoying when you have to jump over the popcorn. Not a big deal overall though.

The music is good, the writing is good, the art style is good, the game is good, it’s very nice. What more could you ask for?

Just play it.

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