Game opinions

All the posts about my opinions about games. These may be about a single game, a whole franchise, or something in between. The main thing keeping these posts grouped together is that I’ve either finished or attempted to finish every game I post about, and that’s where the opinions come from.

Due to the fact that I do not own the rights to the games covered here, content within this category is not licensed under Creative Commons unless explicitly stated.

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Need for Speed: The Golden Years

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(Time to read: 29 minutes) Need for Speed is a series that needs no introduction. Everybody knows about it already, the name is ubiquitous with the racing game genre. Heck, I know some people who have never even played a video game, some well past retirement age, and even they know what it is. For… Read More »Need for Speed: The Golden Years

I Like Ace Combat

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(Time to read: 64 minutes) Preface Early this year, I cleared my whole schedule and dedicated a couple days to a new game. I fell in love with it, wanted to learn everything about it inside and out, and since then it’s become quite possibly the only game that I’ve gotten to true 100% completion.… Read More »I Like Ace Combat