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The Big Ones™

All the posts that are especially long.

That’s it. Doesn’t matter what category they’re in or what the posts are about, they’re just really long.

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Forza is dead to me

  • Games
(Time to read: 52 minutes) Introduction I like racing games. The very first game I ever played was a racing game, and that is in fact one of my earliest memories in general, all the way back when I was only three years old, playing Need for Speed III on my aunt’s computer. That experience… Read More »Forza is dead to me

Wasted Potential 2077

  • Games
(Time to read: 20 minutes) Man oh man, this sure is a videogame, isn’t it? We all know the story by now. Cyberpunk 2077 became one of, if not the most overhyped of all game releases in history, and The Gamers™ were obviously angry when they didn’t receive the second coming of Christ they expected… Read More »Wasted Potential 2077

Need for Speed: The Golden Years

  • Games
(Time to read: 29 minutes) Need for Speed is a series that needs no introduction. Everybody knows about it already, the name is ubiquitous with the racing game genre. Heck, I know some people who have never even played a video game, some well past retirement age, and even they know what it is. For… Read More »Need for Speed: The Golden Years

I Like Ace Combat

  • Games
(Time to read: 64 minutes) Preface Early this year, I cleared my whole schedule and dedicated a couple days to a new game. I fell in love with it, wanted to learn everything about it inside and out, and since then it’s become quite possibly the only game that I’ve gotten to true 100% completion.… Read More »I Like Ace Combat