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The Archive

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Everything in this collection is bad. In my opinion, at least. I feel as though I’ve grown greatly as a musician since these tracks were released, and at this point, I look back on this music and wince at the thought of how much better it could have been. But, that’s just part of the creator’s curse, I guess. Instead of deleting all this stuff like some people, I’ve chosen to simply distinguish it from my newer music.

For the record, I don’t care what you do with any of this stuff. If you want to use it in something you’re making, go for it, and tell me about it! Don’t use remixes of things though, that’s a different matter.

~ The original release description on Bandcamp

The tracks in The Archive were released between January 25th 2014 and February 14th 2017. A few of these tracks are still available on stores too.

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