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The Fallen

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Can you hear the singing in the night?

Following The Fool, this is part three of three for my next album project. Yes, it’s out of order, and no, it’s not for any particular reason. It should be very apparent now that my next album project isn’t one big concept album like the last one, but instead a trilogy compilation with each part being quite different from the others.

Full size version of the cover art for The Fallen
Art by Starr.

The Fallen is centered on the mysterious Florian and his conflicts, both inside and outside of his head, that resulted from the events of Towers. Believing himself to be at fault for the spread of pestilence, and carrying two very chatty gods’ souls within him, he wrestles endlessly with thoughts and desires that aren’t his own, and devotes himself fanatically to esoteric research in an attempt to right the wrongs of those who came before him.

Here’s the little story that comes with the download on Bandcamp.

Dark and shadow fill the room, an oppressive weight they cast upon the man standing alone at the desk, hundreds of papers strewn about underneath his quivering hands. Surrounded by shelves upon shelves of filled notebooks, tomes both ancient and modern, and research material, the man struggles still to find the solution to his obsession. The culmination of decades of solitude and study that only the spiders may see, yet still unsolved in spite of it all. A deep breath breaks the silence as he collects his resources and sits to continue his life’s work. Page after page, his pen flies across the paper, working through problem after problem in pursuit of any breakthrough towards the greater whole. Minutes turn to hours, hours turn to days, filled pages turn to filled books, but in spite of it all, no progress is made. His pen grows frantic as it continues to push against the impassable wall, the man falling further and further into the whirlpool of thoughts, before finally losing himself as the madness takes hold. His manic cackling is followed by a loud slam echoing throughout the room as the book is thrown against the wall. Then, silence. He mourns for the spider who watched over him.

A thick smoke wafts through the dying forest as the man wanders in his madness on a moonless night, looking for anything that may lead him towards an answer. He has forgotten what he seeks, yet continues to search. All he knows now is that he must find that which he cannot name, and has not the eyes to see. Traversing ever deeper through the dying forest, the smoke follows his every step, making this moonless night darker still. With every step, the pained voices of the forest grow louder, and the whirlpool of thoughts in his head spirals ever deeper. Time becomes a  convoluted mess of uncertainty and confusion as he forgets the path he walked. The cries of crows ring out from all directions as he falls to his knees in a broken stupor, the voices locked in a shouting match with words he no longer understands. Until one voice quiets the noise. The smoke begins to thin. He rises to his feet with a calm smile. He looks up through the ragged canopy of dead branches in this eldritch forest most beautiful, admiring the new moon staring back down at him. Holding out his arm, the crow who called out to him, granting him clear eyes once more, lands gently.

Having been pulled from the depths he had fallen into once more, he revels for a moment in the silent, tragic beauty of the dying forest until the crow calls out to him once more, reminding him of the reason he came here. As the crow flies into the night, the man retraces his steps through the trail of newly thin smoke, his thoughts consumed now with the errata of the night’s work, building a comprehensive plan to continue the work and solve the problem at hand. Having returned, he opens the door to the study once more, prepared to again stand against the oppressive darkness and do what must be done. After all, no one but he can solve this problem. Gathering the papers and books scattered across the room, he prepares the desk to work against the unsolved yet again, and the pen flies with renewed clarity and fervor. Until finally, the work is done. With the problem solved, a new problem takes its place. It is not the first time, he has grown accustomed to this dance by now. A deep breath breaks the silence as the fallen one calls forth the insight of those who came before him and continues his futile battle, shackled by his sins, to solve the question without an answer.

This was a very different project for me. I did a lot of experimenting with techniques I rarely use and focused on a more foreboding mood as opposed to my usual aggression, and it turned out pretty alright if you ask me. What did I learn? Nothing. I forgot already. I might not do anything like this again, who knows?

Starr came back for the art again and knocked it out of the park again, really capturing that ominous lifelessness of Florian in the scene. It’s so dark that image compression crushes more details than usual, but hey, if you grab the EP on Bandcamp, it comes with the full artwork in all its glory. Big thanks to Starr for being the coolest, Tripulse for being the realest, and this guy right here for being the SUPER realest.

You can get the music from places, and if you make music, you can get the stems if you want to remix something.


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