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Part of the reason I started writing stuff about games at all was to work towards the ultimate goal of playing every game I own at least once, and saying something about them wherever it made sense. I’m not going to write a post about something like Garry’s Mod for instance, or something like Overwatch. Figured it could double as a bit of writing practice too, but of course I need to have something to write about to write anything, and some games like those I mentioned simply have nothing for me to talk about.

There are a couple problems with this idea though, one much more obvious than the other. First, I ruined it for myself from the get go by starting with something as long form as the Ace Combat post. Now I expect to make every post a long form post with plenty to say, but sometimes I simply don’t have that much to say at all. I’m not trying to make game reviews here, or to go super in depth with everything, I’m just in it to share my thoughts as they are for the sake of it. So I tried making shorter posts about Pikuniku and Crowtel Renovations, but it left something of a bad taste in my mouth. This is irrational, I’m aware. Second problem is that I have way too many games and will have a hard enough time playing them all in the first place, let alone writing long posts about each one.

So, here’s the compromise. When I don’t have a lot to say about a game, I’ll write about it and save it until I have enough other short posts written, then they’ll all go up together as a single post. Probably in groups of three. Starting with this one. It’s like a grab bag or something.


This game is great. Probably one of the most charming games I’ve ever seen, and it genuinely made me smile and laugh more than most things ever do. The writing is fantastic and the gameplay is satisfying. I don’t know if I could really complain about anything in this game. And yet… despite that, I don’t think I’ll ever play it again.

It’s not by any fault of the game itself, but for whatever reason, I finished a run of the game with a smile on my face and thought “yep, that was a good game,” and then no longer had any desire to play again. I’m aware that there’s a lot of stuff I didn’t see, but I guess that isn’t enough to draw me back in. Do I regret playing it? Definitely not, I’m very glad I played, and what I did see was so good that I’d recommend this game to anyone. There’s replay value in there for sure, it just didn’t click for me personally. There’s even a DLC that adds even more of that sweet, sweet content if you end up completing the game and still wanting more.

Y’all should definitely play it, even if it’s only once.


Ah yes, demon girl game. Infinite fanart material, my kind of color scheme, lots of twitter controversy about the character designs all looking the same even though they clearly don’t apart from the one character with three identical bodies because that’s the point, delicious pancakes… what’s not to love?

Oh yeah, there’s also the game part. Nearly forgot about that since it only took me 40 minutes to complete. It was really fun though. Game’s free too, so you have no excuse not to give it a play unless you absolutely hate puzzle games, popular things, or the color red.

The answer is Justice and Beelzebub, by the way.


Luftrausers reminds me of the time just after the golden era of flash games, when people were making games with amazing ideas in them and not much else. They would be like a proof of concept that REALLY proves itself at a core level, but the moment you ask “what else” it falls apart. This is like that.

The core gameplay in Luftrausers is nothing short of amazing. It’s so fun, so satisfying, and so simple, it borders on masterwork. The problem is there’s nothing else in there. I’m not expecting something like an in depth leveling system or a deep storyline or anything, but I do expect some form of satisfying progression. There isn’t even a difficulty progression here, because once you quickly get good enough to unlock hard mode, normal mode is forever too easy, so you try hard mode, and it’s ridiculously too hard. The challenge doesn’t even ramp up in either mode. One run typically lasts between 5 and 60 seconds, and it seems that all the appeal lies in that breakneck pace keeping you hooked, which just isn’t for me.

And… that’s the whole game. There’s nothing more to talk about unless I wanted to go super in depth about the various game mechanics and what makes them fun. Which I don’t.

Really good game for 30 minutes or so, but it’ll probably last longer for you.

I uh… I know this doesn’t exactly read like shining praise, but I promise the game is good. Even if it’s not exactly for me, I do genuinely recommend it.

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