Need for Speed: The Golden Years

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(Time to read: 29 minutes) Need for Speed is a series that needs no introduction. Everybody knows about it already, the name is ubiquitous with the racing game genre. Heck, I know some people who have never even played a video game, some well past retirement age, and even they know what it is. For… Read More »Need for Speed: The Golden Years

I Like Ace Combat

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(Time to read: 64 minutes) Preface Early this year, I cleared my whole schedule and dedicated a couple days to a new game. I fell in love with it, wanted to learn everything about it inside and out, and since then it’s become quite possibly the only game that I’ve gotten to true 100% completion.… Read More »I Like Ace Combat
Kerosyn - Towers (cover art)


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(Time to read: 7 minutes) Well, it took literal years, but I did it. I made an album. Anyone who has known me for the past few years will attest to my horrendous procrastination, and then the part where I actually finished the music almost a year before the actual release… but it’s here now,… Read More »Towers

Watching the World Burn

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(Time to read: < 1 minute) The single from my album. I don’t have a lot to say about it on its own, but here it is. Following Tales from the Jet Set Derelict, this is when I started to really nail down the kind of sound I wanted to go for. It’s only up from… Read More »Watching the World Burn

Tales from the Jet Set Derelict

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(Time to read: < 1 minute) Imagine, if you will, a land where the economy was its own downfall. That’s all I’ll give you, you’re free to imagine whatever you want. Some may say that seven minutes is too long for electronic music, but I say I should go longer next time. But I won’t. Probably.… Read More »Tales from the Jet Set Derelict